MTV’s VMA’s 2008

Just some quick thoughts on how I saw the MTV Video Music Awards.

Something just didn’t seem right about  T-Pain’s entrance atop an elephant, but I can’t figure out what. Maybe you can help me out:

Then he had the nerve to take the stairs down from it. Immediately I thought of:

-Rihanna did not sing during her performance of Disturbia.  I honestly did not know how that was going to come out.  It worked in the video, but live…eh…

Chris Brown looked good though. chrisbrownvma2.JPGReal good. Mmmmm.

-Everybody Looks The Same To Me Vol. 4:

Then Jamie Foxx Came out & picked up where that Russel Brand Bland whatever his name is person kinda left the audience saggin.

Or was it Sean Garrett I can’t tell the difference.

-They showed a clip of Ne-Yo & I know he’s gearing up for “The Year of the Gentleman” but recently he looks like hes been wearing the same thing.


hahah lets see that one again

woooo gurl

and over

and over again

I mean, I know he changes his clothes but its just….Maybe its the hat that’s throwing me off. Or something else…

-Then there were The Jonas Brothers, who were the butt of this guy’s

‘jokes’ all night.

But is that a drop curl?< Did he use rollers?

Then there was your favorite whimsical rapper & mine, Lil’ Weezyana.  He had a piercing in his lip (probably induced by some sort of percocet high) but I’m certain one of u finds that sexy.

-What does Leona Lewis have to do w this?

Wait a minute, was that a patent leather top hat?

Dis negro just does whatever he wants.

-Christina Aguilera performed.

She moved a lot like Janet.  Did u see those vouging girls behind her? Only one word to describe them dudes: Fierece! But this did sound wayyy too much like

Which I just can’t stand. Trust me when I was looking for this I had to pause it.

-Um, Quick note, Paris Hilton read the teleprompter better than Britney Spears. Buuuttt I missed the part where they stopped talking about:

I don’t even know y that ‘BFF’ show was even a thought. If you watch it don’t tell me cuz I will not respect you. Or think that you have the capacity to carry on intelligent conversation.

-Wait. I gotta get back to Lil’ Wayne I’m not done.

Ummmmmm, who’s idea was it to dress him in that vest & hat? They had him up there lookin like

-But lastly, Kanye West closed out the show. I love Kanye.  I thought it was a very good performance, & I actually thought he looked very nice too.

however my friend brought something to my attention & thought he resembled:

I can’t.


*Ms. Officer


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  1. financial for 25yrsDST says:

    Straight coonery is whatit is. Is T-Pain on drugs? I know I am old but he is just a damn coon

  2. name says:

    Help me to find the,

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