Do It To Me

Man, Since I discovered this song 2 weeks ago it has been on HEAVY rotation.  It’s only right I share in my good fortune, right?

That’s My shit! Keri Hilson is very talented, she’s got tons of hits under her belt. That silky voice in the background belongs to none other than Tank. You don’t know how I feel about Tank- Lemme give you a visual:

I don’t think you heard me:

He’ll have his own post later.

You may think this joint came from

Hell, who whouldn’t thats my shit too!  Goooooo Brooklyn! I knew every word to that song when it came out. I was 11.

But seriously. That was taken from

Grace Jones- My Jamaican Guy (Someone once told me I look like her. Weirrrd)

Ohhhhh so that’s where T-Pain got dem hats from! (I also got some other ideas hahah it will be its own post)

Here’s the original video to feed your interest

Where the hell did they find another guy who look just like Grace Jones?

Who new this 1988 jam would spawn the songs I’m going so hard on today.



*Ms. Officer

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