Are You Black?

Sometimes I just can’t tell what race/ ethnicity someone is, but something about them (maybe its that great great great granddaddy no one wants to talk about which lends credence to the 1/8th drop of ‘Negro’ blood that ‘officially’ makes you Black) gives it away. Kinda. (I don’t mean that’s this dude’s case)

So, for my 1st installment of Are You Black, I bring you Brit Import UK pop guy Bryn Christopher:

Not bad right? Aside from the broach, the toucan on his shoulder & the shiny shoes a-la-Puffy & Mase circa 1997, I kinda like.

Buuuut are you black?

Whatever the case may be, his music sounds pretty good.

I just don’t get it.

I mean, not that it ever actually matters what race one is, we’re all one big meltingpot, family, brother sister, yada yada yada. Whatever.


*Ms. Officer


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