Happy 1 Week Anniversary To Me!

Woo Hoo!  Today makes on week since I’ve started this blog, & what a wild week it’s been.  Sarah Palin’s lipstick has been on everyone’s mouths,  Baracks’ response (which I’m cool with) has caused a ruckus, & Michael Phelps finally got to co-star w/ Lil’ Wayne on SNL.  I appreciate all of the love & support & I want you all to go out & spread the world about this wonderful lil’ place you found on the internet.  & its only gonna get better.  Promise.

So, to celebrate, I’ve decided to post up some clips from my very own faaavorite show, Martin.


They are in no particular order, just an assorted mix

*Forever Shenehneh*

How Did Martin & Gina Get Together?

‘Yo Check Dat Fool Like You Used To’

A Lil’ Bit -O- Dragonfly Jones

I see them boots is back in style…

You know I had to leave u this clip, I love this episode w/ Jodeci

Don’tchya know no guuud



*Ms. Officer

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