Janet Jackson’s Miss Independent



(hahah ok, ok)



is leaving Def Jam Records.

Apparently she’s asked for some sort of release from her contract & got it.

Janet claimed the label just dropped the promotion for her CD Discipline, which is why it did not sell.

Wasn’t her Jermaine Dupri handling this project in some way, shape or form?


I dunno either Janet.

But this song sounds familiar, sung by kinda fellow labelmate,


with his fine ass.

They say he wants to exit rap cuz Jessica Simpson (whom I didn’t even know released a record) outsold his Exit 13 CD in the 1st week.

Nonetheless, the two are going on a tour together.

I liked this song after like 14 or 15 listens

& I like this partially cuz of

Cuz I thought that guy was fine & if I used a bottle of Nivea lotion he’d appear.

Well, I’m sure she’ll do fine on her independent venture.  @ Least the tour should be good.


Ms. Officer


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