Showdown ’08: John McCan’t

Any chance I get to use this pic I’m going to take full advantage of it

Last night was the Showdown between Presidential candidates Barack Obama (yay!) & John McCan’t (booooooo)

Can someone please tell this Maverick John McCan’t that he should stop trying to tell jokes during debate time?

& Why is it that every point Barack made, McCan’t lead off with “Obama doesn’t understand?” this sounds like hes trying to use Barack’s words against him:

‘Barack doesn’t understand, or doesn’t get it’

(By the way that’s the way I felt every time McCan’t opened his mouth last night)

No homo.

Let’s Duel!

Barack: +50

Now listen to Mr. Obama speak so eloquently and sensibly on the economy & energy (which is part of the reason the economy is in shambles)

& This financial mess

En Garde!

& Then McCan’t turns around & curses @ Obama???

Did you hear him say ‘Horseshit’?! Twice? Please help.

Daggers Up

Barack Wins.

Let’s make sure he wins the election too.

Barack The Vote!


*Ms. Officer


2 Comments Add yours

  1. smfsgroup says:

    We all love your post keep it up!!!!!!

    The Simple Math Financial Solutions Crew

  2. Les Henderson says:

    My wife and were listening to the debate,and as Mr McBush was speaking about North Korea and South Korea…we thought him state that the South Korean people were 3″ shorter then the Korean people.
    Did we hear that correctly?

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