Are You Cute? Vol. 3

Sometimes I watch CSI: Miami.  And some folks assumed that according to my taste I’d like this guy:

Gary Dourdan (from the plain ol’ CSI) He kinda looks like a crack addict to me. Lo and behold one of the times he was arrested it was for….crack. Even so, he particularly is not my pipe of choice.

However, one promising character from CSI: Miami caught my eye.

His name is Erik Delko, or if you’d rather fantasize about him outside of his character on the show, his real name is Adam Rodriguez.

Now y’all know I fancy a good Latino papi, (this guy happens to be Puerto Rican & Cuban- yum)  but I just cant figure out if he’s cute or not.

I think its around his chin area. I like this one dunno about this one like this one dunno about this one.

No wait- that’s Wilmer Valderrama. (Btw, whats his deal? Is he Spanish or Indian?)

But certainly next to the rest of the males on the cast;,,

and this guy,

they pale in comparison.

But I’m still confused.

Is he cute?

Maybe it’s the shirt that’s throwing me off.


I just can’t figure it out.



*Ms. Officer


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