Retro Jam! @ Madison Square Garden!

Ah, yes. Retro Jam ’08 w/  KRS-One, Rakim, Bobby Brown (yes, Crackhead Supreme), & my Favorite, Keith Sweat!

Big ups to my man Mike for hooking everything up!

So, I was a tad bit late, but it was ok.

Paul Anthony & Bowlegged Lou of Full Force hosted the show, & did a good job of it– they certainly kept me entertained.

Ain’t it always good to hear from them?

KRS One was 1st up, and of course, all the ‘Real Hip Hop’ Heads were in the house.  U know, people that look like:

But his message was positive as usual and always refreshing to hear.

Then Rakim, who appeared to be madd bent came on the stage. Now I was led to believe this because he didn’t do much moving around the stage, but when he did,

Dat’s my songg tho!!!

It was about that time when they found (Well, just Grandmaster Dee @ least)

Shall We Digress?

That was nice.

Then here comes the self-proclaimed King of R&B, Bobby Mothaf*ckin Brown. One word, many syllables:


He started off in a suit& baseball cap, but somehow made his way down to a half opened shirt.  I understood why he had the hat on though.  He proceeded to hump the floor in true Bobby Brown fashion.  This was only followed up by—what else? His kids dancing on stage. Gotta love Bobby.

When’s the new season of Being Bobby Brown coming owt?

….And finally, thee Grand Finale,  Keith Sweat!!!

Chiiiiilllllle, Can’t nooobody tell me nothin ’bout no Keith!

Now I am well aware of this man’s age, but his smoothness (which is paralleled then surpassed by none other than Denzel Washington and  Barack Obama themselves) is undeniable.  He’ll have his own post later. Trust me.

Now he wasn’t on stage nearly long enough, but his finale was ‘I Want Her’.  Ohhh, but he wasn’t alone.  Not only did Bobby Brown, Bowlegged Lou, Paul Anthony and Rakim come back to the stage, (not to mention that lil’ dude with his hair so slicked down it resembled, but so did this guy:

Flava Flav.  I can’t hate him, I don’t love him. This is confusing.

At any rate I had a fantastic time.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself- but I still think Keith Sweat’s part coulda been a little bit a lot longer. However, It’s always good to see the classics performed, done by the origionators!

Say Cheese!


Ms. Officer

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