Showdown ’08: That One

Even though I posted about the debate the other day, and this is hidden in one of the clips in there, I decided it would be a good idea to post John McCan’ts ‘That One’ post on its own.  In case you missed it:

& That was rude as hell. Here it is in a broader context:

Of course, we as an audience cannot form our own opinions, so we need them to be dictated to us the political pundits. Here’s a strange CBS twist on that theory.

Whoa! actual regular American people!

What do you think Black man?

The comment was downright uncalled for.  He did not address Barack Obama appropriately and was completely disrespectful.  If nothing else it was certainly a low blow to discredit Obama’s thoughts and contributions on energy policies.

Not cool. Even as a pirate.


*Ms. Officer


2 Comments Add yours

  1. nicole says:

    “that one” wtf? 😐 definitely unnecessary

    lol @ asking the black guy (Michael I think was his name?) what he thought of the matter

  2. nicole says:

    omg what is this awaiting moderation bs? how dare you! lol

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