A Refresher

Since the early ’90’s Brandy has given us some top notch material, including TV shows and movies, I just wanna talk about the music right quick.

When she started w/

Who was this girl w/ the braids?

Then she came out w/

and it was on.  It became thee official ghetto girl anthem.  Everybody’s ‘part’ was King Queen Latifah’s verse.

How precious is that its for Ray J?

But she’s really had some hits under her belt:

Hahah Donald is downstairs (ok, ok I thought he was cute too)

Not to mention this song was on the ‘Waiting To Exhale’ Soundtrack tape that I played incessantly

whaaaaaaaaat! w/ Mason Betha (+Harelm World/Bad Boy, pre minister, pre G-Unit– that was weird) That was a fun summer.

& who can forget

Now everyone who was fightin over a boy could play that song in the background & pretend that it was them.

A couple years later it was

(I hate those random Youtube-homemade videos for songs w/out videos too, but u get the point w/ the Usher remix to this song)

So it should come as no surprise that when she returned, it was gonna be with a hot song:

This is my joint, not to mention it is very easy to relate to. That’s real right thurr.

I like this one too- I’ve had this song for a while, but am now officially letting you know that its hot, so consider yourself put on-

Finally! Another female singer aside from Bey-Z w/ quality music who I can sing along to has come back!



*Ms. Officer


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