Showdown ’08: Daggers Up!

So, tonight was the third and final debate between Presidential Hopeful Barack Obama and…well, John McCan’t.

and it didn’t take long for it to get spicy.

It starts here in our introduction to the man we’d be hearing about all night, ‘Joe The Plumber’:

Do you think McCan’t actually had a lengthy conversation with this ‘Joe The Plumber’?  I wonder who he could be?

Could it be this guy?

or maybe its him:

either way, both Barack & Mc Can’t go in a great deal about the fella.

Did you catch that little snide remark from John McCan’t: ‘I don’t wanna pay taxes…and Not spread the wealth around’? Whoa.

Yea cuz taxes on 7 houses gets expensive.

But then things got even a little more interesting:

Waaaaahhhhh! I’m not Bush!

No sh*t you’re only his (much) older weirder yet a human, older brother…Who’s supported him by voting with him on key issues like taxes, energy, & spending (P.S. The U.S. is BROKE than a mothaf*cka)!!! How can we possibly confuse you with that?

Say It To My Face! Biaatch!

John McCan’t: Even though I’ve been putting out slanderous ads and someone called you terrorist at my rally and Bobby May wrote some really nasty things about you called ‘Barack Hussein Obama’, you hurt my feelings when you said I was like Bush

Barack Obama: All your sh*t is negative.  Shut up, stop whining and talk about the issues

& Don’t forget Bobby May!

Tell his ass Barack:

Barack Obama: Them mothaf*ckas that go to you rallies is up there callin me terrorist & u ain’t gon do shit about it? You ain’t even say pardon me?

John McCan’t: I love them. I don’t hear anything wrong.

But they straight up went at it when they started talking about Healthcare (and our friend ‘Joe The Plumber pops back up):

Hey Joe! There you are again!

Oh my goodness. Here we go:

Bob Scheiffer: Obama, you’re for Roe v. Wade, McCan’t, you want to overturn it. Could either of you ever nominate someone to the Supreme Court who disagreses with you on this issue?

John McCan’t: Hell no.  I remember when it happened and I told they asses not to vote for it.

Bob Scheiffer: So answer the f*ckin question

Well, McCan’t, it’s lookin like

for u.  (Thanks Vick)

Barack clearly won this debate, hell, just about 60% to 31%.  Can we make sure he wins on Nov. 4th too?

‘Go vote, it’ll make you big and strong’


Ms. Officer

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  1. Mike Harmon says:

    Just wanted to say HI. I found your blog a few days ago on Technorati and have been reading it over the past few days.

  2. msofficer says:

    I appreciate the love! Please keep coming back! & Tell ur friends about this!

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