Ring The Alarm

Last night’s episode of Hardball with Chris Matthews was particularly interesting.

As usual, the Presidential race was the subject of debate.

Enter Democratic Strategist, Bob Shrum and Republican Strategist/Former aide to President Bush, Ed Rogers:

Ed Rogers: Obama doesn’t have an economic plan, he wants to be Robin Hood by raising taxes on everyone!

Bob Shrum: Shut the f*ck up ur a liar and you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Ed Rogers: No its not, I heard him when he told that to Joe the Plumber, (Pictured here)


Ed Rogers: Waaaaah stop talking over me even though I make no sense

Bob Shrum: As many times as Obama has explained it, you still can’t grasp his economic plan.  You don’t like it becuase ur one of the people that’s gonna have to come out of pocket to help pay for America’s mess.

Chris Matthews: Whats better motherf*cker? Borrow more $ from China or tax the rich?

Ed Rogers: I don’t see why he doesn’t just leave us rich alone, leave the economy alone, and let it continue on its laissez-faire, free market downward spiral.  It ‘s bound to fix itself that way.

Bob Shrum: You’ve been lying about being able to even stand a chance against Obama with this shoddy economic plan.

Chris Matthews: Well then how come Obama’s argument is winning?

Ed Rogers: Because we are not credible on the economy.

Did this mothaf*cka just admit that his party’s plan is sh*tty? The same one he’s trying to defend by giving into Shrum’s argument? I would not want to be caught up w/ this dude as my lawyer.

But by far the last minute of this whole thing was the most interesting- it went realllll left:

Ed Rogers: Everything that’s easy to be done in Washington has already been done (error #1).  Barack Obama Has never done one hard thing in his life (miserable error #2)


Chris Matthews: We gotta go.

Shrum: A white man from the South should not be saying that a Black man running for president has never done a hard thing in his life.

(Never mind his background and growing up.  Never mind the ignorace & racism he encountered in college and law school.  Never mind the trillion dollar deficit he has to clean up.  & Most of all never mind that white supremacist plot against him that was broken up last week.  Barack’s walkin on easy street.)

Ed Rogers: Oh, come on man don’t make this about race.  Don’t play https://i0.wp.com/imablogger.net/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/race_card.gif

or this one either


You tryna make me look like a racist.

Chris Matthews: I tried to save your ass by saying lets go.  You just confirmed the fact that you are as ignorant as you’ve let on in this program.  Now can I close this segment?

….And thats what I took away from the program.

Bob Shrum, You owned Ed Rogers.

Thank You.


Yes We Can!


*Ms. Officer


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