Barack Obama!

As if you had a choice, you watched Barack Obama last night.  He commandeered your telly, making it rain on 3 major networks, pushing back the World Series (you know how folk get about they’re Baseball) with a simulcast on numerous cable channels.

Wtf was ABC thinking?

And in case, for some reason you were not watching, I dunno, any channel on the Comcast/Time Warner cable networks, or were looking @ ‘Pushing Daisies’ (which is what you should be doing if you thought that was important), Here it is in 4 convenient parts below:

I love him.

Whoever orchestrated this is truly a genius.

I wanted to cry when I saw Larry Stewart put that Wal Mart uniform on. He’s 78! Good grief!

This was very well put together, and appealled to large ethinic/racial groups.  White woman, Black Family, Latino family, back to more White people.

I gotchya.

I’m also glad that every main issue that he posed a solution to, it was also written on the screen.  No confusion. Ya got it? Ya know where he stands now?

I’m watching the speech Barack is giving right now in Missouri… & whoever this camera man is is giving me a headache.

Barack the Vote!

Ms. Officer


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