Obama family


Right now, I feel like this:

The way I feel about this I just can’t describe.  I still cannot believe that our next President of the United States of America is Barack Obama.  A Black Man.

& it only took them 44 tries.

It is about time for a positive change here in this country, and I am so proud that everyone (well, aside from the 150 ppl. that voted for McCan’t) had realized it as well.

Here is the eloquent speech that perfectly fit this Cinderella victory:

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Pt. 3

The beauty, the poise, the grace and the magnetism that is The Obama Family is almost royal,  and I am sooooo glad to see that Sasha & Malia will get to run around the White House w/ their puppy!

Which can mean only one thing: that there are a new set of rules will apply as a result of this Historic and Monumental moment:

1. November is now Black History month, Starting with November 5th as Barack Obama Day. Cuz even though he was elected yesterday, we still can’t believe that sh*t today.  Time to party like its 1865.

2. Barack Obama is now a verb; i.e. ‘You got Baracked’ (meaning embarrassed or humiliated), ‘Barack the Vote’ (meaning to rock), To Be Obama- To exude class, elegance & style. Yep, he did it.

3. All babies born on Nov. 4th should be named Barack Obama, regardless of sex.



Do you know that any baby born from this point on does not know a world without a Black President? Bananas.

5.  It is a name I’d actually change my last name to.

6.  His presidency does not cancel out racism or affirmative action.

You cannot cross multiply here. Don’t even try it.

7.  Barack Obama shattered the competition and humiliated John McCan’t in a variety of ways.  Not only did he win this election 364-173, that comes down to an electoral college vote of 2 to 1. You must now school your opponent, so that he does this:


You are now allowed to say this to anyone who questions your choice

But did you ever think this would happen?  The way he united everyone, regardless of race, color or creed.

He is absolutely amazing.

President-elect Barack Obama smiles as he gives his acceptance …

President-elect Barack Obama smiles as he gives his acceptance ...
Yep, That sounds about right.
Ms. Officer

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