A Phenomenon.

I still cannot believe that Barack Obama is the 44th President Elect of the United States of America.  With so much going on, so much campaigning, so many obstacles, he still managed to do the exact opposite of what everyone thought he would, when he announced his candidacy for president almost 2 years ago.  His magnetism, way with words- saying things without saying them, and the ability to connect everyone and anyone with eachother, he took this entire campaign by storm, becoming the star of Election season 2008.

This is quite the moving and compelling story fairy tale, where this same nation, exactly 145 years ago the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, (Remember being counted as 3/5 of a man??) and only 40 years ago an African- American did not have the right to vote. That means a 58 year old Black person’s 1st eligible year to vote was nullified by racism entangled with the law.  When Barack was just 7, he could remember the sentiment. Babies born from Nov 4th on do not know a world without a Black President. With faith and belief in God, anything is possible.

I have voted before, in the 2004 election per absentee ballot when I was away @ school @ Northeastern, and again this year in the primaries.

We made history this time.  And I thought I should chronicle the entire day, so here it is, from the viewpoint of a Brooklynite, votin’ in Flatbush.

Votin’ Up The Polls Pt. 1

Kati Votes

Finding My Polling Place– See how Kati tried to confuse me?  I knew where I had to go! (There were random guys tryna talk to us en route)

Wooooo Hoooooo!!!! Theee decision!!! Then we had to call our Turkey sister & tell her we voted.  I snuck my camera in- I wasn’t gonna let them take me down though

@ Kevin Powell’s Election party w/ my cousin Stacey

Clearly Ashanti’s Rock Wit U was the song of choice to embody the theme of the night.  Clearly.

…And the coat check guy voted too

A Night @ The Roxbury?  I was just waiting for Chris Kattan & Will Ferrell to appear

After the 1st party, what’s the best place to go? The T-Shirt shop!

….Still @ The Store

Hangin @ Brooklyn Moon w/ Stacey & my Soror Rhonda. We were watching this thing unfold on MSNBC and it felt like Snoozefest ’08. No shiny graphics or teleporting like CNN, no Wolf Blitzer or Anderson Cooper, No magical touch screen polls, Not even Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert. Just a stupid ice map.

Thank God!!! The Celebration!!!!

Right After The Announcement:

Party Time!

White People playing African Drums for our African President.  It gets no better.

I can’t say anything else that can sum it up like he can:

We voted and we won.  Now they knew they couldn’t rig the election this time cuz it’d be too obvious.

Time for the new First Family and The Change that we’ve all been hoping for, it’s become a reality.


Thank You God!


Ms. Officer


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