!Big Daddy Kane 20th Anniversary @ B.B. Kings!

I love Big Daddy Kane. And if we were closer to the same age, we woulda been rockin’! (eh, who am I kidding…)

And, thanks to my boy Jason, I was present for the one night only event, and let me tell you it was poppin.

Along with the other 4-5 million that crammed into https://i1.wp.com/upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e6/B_B_King_Blues_Club_NYC_2003.jpg

last night to watch the legendary Dramatic, Aziatic Kane, I too was there to see him perform.  And despite the obvious breach of code violations, the show was well worth it.  Hosted by comedian Talent (who I just realized bears a striking resemblance to Ed Lover–we’ll talk about that later) it was filled with all kinds of folks, from the whites who looked like they own someone, to the street toughs who thought screaming “Raw!” @ the stage from 20 damn feet away would actually convince Kane to do the set. Not to mention the all white male band (who looked like they’d be happy just doing some math problems) dressed in red and black who provided the instrumentation for the night.

So many folks graced the stage, including:


(Who actually opened up the show)





(Who still looks like that btw)


That’s Dr. Roxanne Shante to you!

Matter fact the whole damn


was there.


Lemme show u what I saw:

M.O.P (not Mop)


The Symphony Pt. 1

The Symphony Pt. 2

This guy is just as smooth as Keith Sweat.

Then he started gettin down w/ the get down:

Did u peep homeboy on the left gettin the Cabbage Patch? lmao! I ain’t even notice that sh*t when I was there!

& My Faaaaaaaavorite & The Best Kane song:

Then there was this break where he decided he’d call out different ol’ skool dances.  Of all of the moves he named, this is the one he decided to do:

Hear this broad? “Aaaaaoooow” B*tch Please.

I still dunno how I feel about him doing that.

Nonetheless, It was a really good night. He really gives a lot when he’s on stage, cuz u know a man his age shouldn’t even me jumpin around like that.  I had a great time and I’m glad that so many peeps came out to witness this legendary event.

Happy 20th Anniversary!



Ms. Officer


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