Geezer Swagg

My very own counterpart, Miss USA Crystle Stewart and I have something in common (besides our looks– See the resemblance? lol)

Its out affinity for older men.

But even I find this to be in bad taste.

The two have been seen around Chi-town canoodling, particularly @ one restaurant named Sepia.

Now, there are my fair share of older men that I would do, (of course if they were available–Nooooo disrespect)

but that’s besides the point.

Bill Murray?  She’s 27 & he is 58.  That means he’s 60. Which is rounded to 100. Which means Miss USA Crystle Stewart has been seen around town dating this!!!:

If they got together and had kids,

They’d probably look like:

I’m not saying, I’m just sayin…

But I guess she figures if he’s been in movies like:

Little Shop of Horrors


Groundhog Day

Charlies Angels (as one of the Angels)

Osmosis Jones


Garfield: A Tale of two Kitties

then his pockets gotta be fat.

God speed.


Ms. Officer


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