Plies and The Case Of The Buss-It-Babies

In his first ever New York City performance, the realest n*gga they left off the roll call showed owt. Plies appeared @ The Knitting Factory on Monday night (much to my surprise, the line was long & the venue was tiny & weird) to celebrate his cover on Vibe magazine along w/ his MySpace endorsement.

DJ Envy, Funkmaster Flex, Cipha Sounds, & DJ Self opened the show & for the 2 hrs. they were on it felt like a party & I forgot why I was there in the first place.

It was for the Plies thing.

…Oh gosh.  I should have known.

He was on stage w/ a gang a n*ggaz.  A gang of ’em

Notice he went from long john shirt to ‘wife beater’

…then from tankini to topless…

Notice his infamous ‘Buss It Babies’ he pulled from the audience. There was one in particular who was very bout it, a big girl who was goin all in. And it is no secret that Southern men like their women on the big side.

He then pulled up three guys from the audience who “knew somebody who was locked down right now” gave each of them the mic, and told them they’d each get $1000 each to send to that person.

What do u think they did?

All in all it was an iite time.  It was something to do on a Monday night, and I was entertained.

Ah, some Southern Rap.


Ms. Officer


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