Bad Gyal Ce’Cile @ Jamrock Magazine’s Rock W/ Squeeze!

Being the Caribbean fuse of cultures that I am, I went down to one of my faaaaaavorite spots Negril Village (where they serve 2 of my 2 faaaavorite drinks, Mango Mojitos & Pina Coladas- heavy on the Mojito & Colada, respectively)  on Monday night to support Jamrock Magazine’s “Rock W/ Squeeze” event.  And those cats always throw good events. Make no mistake about it.

This week the special musical performance was given by one of my faaaaaavorite Dancehall “artiiiisteees” , di bad gyal herself, Ce’Cile.

Bwooooooyyyyy, U couldn’t tell me it’d be such a zoo in there.  As usual, I got there “fashionably late” and greeted Johann @ the door who read the look on my face that I might not have wanted to get sucked into the crowd.   Surely enough, as soon as I walked in, I started to sweat glisten.  Yep, it was on of those joints.  As I made my way over near the tables to say hello to Squeeze, I found myself perched in front of the stage and couldn’t turn back.  I was in too deep. lol.  (My butt was also in the way of some folks, but I couldn’t help it). I really didn’t mean to be in all up in the photographer’s ways.

However, there was this one really big guy (easily 2, 3, 10 times my width) who decided it’d be a good idea to try & put his hands on me to try and move me so he could take a rinky dink pic w/ his rinky dink camera phone. Do Not Disrespect Me.

Supported by the very talented New Kingston Band, she did an amazing set.

Can you tell where I was by the camera angle?

I used to go soooo hard to this song when I was younger

Stephen substituted for Sean Paul but then this guy kinda came on stage &….well….

yeah… he was weird. Kinda.

In between this song and the next she did an acapella joint called “Ain’t Nothin”, and there damn sure isn’t much, if anything that is wrong about that song.  Look it up if you dunno what I’m talkin about.  Definitely one for us ladies!

And presenting my soooonnnnnggggg, Changez!

All in all, it was a good evening (for the time I was there, I had to scurry home like a dogonne child cuz I have to wake up reaaaalllllly early in the morning like The Gap Band)

I’m sure the after party sell off as well. Big ups to Squeeze, Johann & Robbie too!

Ain’t nothin for free…If you like what you see…


Ms. Officer


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