Here’s One of the Reasons Why I Love Jim Jones

First off, this n*gga is crazy.  He says whatever, wherever, whenever about whomever.  These excerpts are not included in the current issue of Complex magazine, where he graces (I figure he would use that word) the cover.

Jim Jones Complex Magazine December 2008 Photos

Allow me to present the evidence:

Exhibit #1:

Complex: You said that at one point, Jay-Z was your favorite rapper and then he went out “like a dud.” When did your perception of him change?

Jim Jones: When he went from being a boss to an employee and he had no reason for doing that. I took a job with Kevin Liles and them because I had all the reason in the world to do that—I’m a hustler and I wanted to learn the whole game from the inside out. At that point, when Jay went corporate, he already knew the whole game. Roc-A-Fella was on a roll that nobody could probably stop, ever. So when you downshift and you go from wanting to run your own ship to being on a crew on somebody else’s ship, I don’t care how big the ship is, it’s not the same. You lose the power. You lose the equity, and to me it’s like you just sold your soul. You fell into the loop. And you supposed to come from the street—we’re supposed to always set our own precedent and do it the way we wanna do it.

Exhibit #2

Complex: How do you feel about Jada going to the ROC. Does that surprise you?

Jim Jones: I don’t know, some people got to do business moves. Some people don’t have enough power to do things in their own regard, so they do things to create some type of hype. Some type of niche that would reel people in to get people to look at them. I guess he felt that him doing the Roc-A-Fella thing would give him that. Me, myself, I don’t think it would’ve given him anything whether he would’ve done a deal with a real label or not. [Roc-A-Fella] is not even a real label no more. Like I told you, L.A. Reid owns it. You smell me? They sold it. That’s why Dame is in here with us—he made money off that. Who owns it?

Complex: Are you cool with anyone from Roc-A-Fella?

Jim Jones: There isn’t really any Roc-A-Fella. Wheres Roc-A-Fella signed to? Who owns Roc-A-Fella? Jay don’t own Roc-A-Fella. L.A. Reid owns Roc-A-Fella and there’s no Roc-A-Fella artists. Not even Jay, for that matter. He hasn’t sold any real incredible records for him to be saying that he’s the best in the world. People are selling circles around his sales, but his publicity and his star power has overcome anything. Then you know, he got the Beyonce factor, which is a great factor for him.

Complex: Have you ever run into Beyonce?

Jim Jones: Nah, we don’t deal with that. That’s a different part. We stick to what we’re doing. Smell me? We don’t violate that. Gangstas don’t do that. No women no children. Smell me?

Exhibit #3

Complex: This year, it seems like Dame has been really focused on trying to make you a star. Some people have compared his drive to the way he pushed Jay-Z at the beginning. How do you respond to that?

Jim Jones: Shit, that’s a great comparison. If you look at it, Dame did alright for Jay-Z. That old nigga has cake, he’s paid. So how bad can that be? Dame made history, he started Roc-A-Fella records, and I’ve seen it. I watched the first Roc-A-Fella fitted he had on his head that he made from a 3rd Avenue store when it was just stitched on and shit. He’s a historical person, he’s done it and he’s done it well. He not only did it with Jay, but he did it with Kanye; he set a precedent for niggas that want to become something in this game, who come from the street and want to make a lot of money. Dame is a beast—when I was younger, I always admired his hustle. I can do more. I don’t need to use rap as a crutch for the rest of my life. I can rap and I can do the business, I can model and do the business, I can own a production team. It’s a big difference over here, [Jay-Z] can’t do that. He’s not that savvy, not that fly, I don’t think he’s that handsome. All he has is a gorgeous flow—my momma raised a gorgeous child.

Exhibit #4

Complex: Are you worried about how your new album sales will stand up against the likes of 50 and Jay?

Jim Jones: They better watch out. The pressure is on them. I got the same amount of advertising power that they’re going to have. Columbia is about to spend some money. It’s going to be a battle for PO’s in the store; it’s going to be a battle. People are going to see me as much as they see them, and I’m handsome, ya dig? I don’t know about them other n*ggas. Girls like a good picture, so at the end of the day, girls just might buy it because they think I look fly on the cover.

Exhibit #5

Complex: There was a rumor that there was another part II to “Swagger Like Us” coming out with Jeezy and Andre 3000 on it. How you feel about that?

Jim Jones: When’s the last time anyone has dressed like any of those people? Where are we going with this? I would exclude Andre 3000, because niggas are never going to dress like him anyway. He’s on his own other shit. But for the most part, we set the precedent. Why you think they got me on the cover of Complex for? We about to blow niggas’ minds. These niggas know I can do it, and they can’t and they know girls aren’t going to be mad at it. They’re going to be like, ah man, I can’t even get up on that shit, he’s taking it too far to the point where I can’t be involved. [Laughs]. We’re going to have fun with this one for a bit.

Exhibit #6

Complex: You also have a fitness DVD coming out?

Jim Jones: I’m going to start shooting soon. I’ve been getting in shape for the past few years. It helps me to not be so frustrated. I’ve got pretty good at it. It’s a billion dollar industry. It’s just another check in my pocket.

…Sounds a lot like….

in simpler terms a hot mess.

Whatever.  He’s nuts & I wouldn’t have it any other way.



Ms. Officer


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