Damn Vol. 4

Haaaaaapy New Year Everybody!


& What better way to celebrate with some Prayer, Blessings & finnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ol’ Laz Alonso?


Oh hell yes.

This fine specimen came about by ways of Washington D.C.  via  his B.B.S. in Business from Howard University and (successful) career as an investment banker.

& he’s intelligent?

Stop the madness.



Some of you may remember him from various gigs on BET like  A.M. @ BET ( I kinda remember that) & NY/LA.

…..did I mention he was Cuban…..

…..& that I have a soft spot for my papis as well….

(Me encanta mis platanos maduros, ya tu sabes!) You ain’t know I was bilingual!

Laz Alonso-MJD-000867.jpg

That color is gorgeous on him. He has on an ascot?? & it looks good?? Wtf mannnn u just can’t not look good.  Mmmmmmmmm chile! Don’t let him get to speakin’ that Spanish, that’s a recipie for trouble.

So It should come as no surprise that when


came owt, I was feeeeeeeeeeeeenin. Hard. Not to mention the likes of Chris Brown, Brian White & (maybe Columbus Short too) this was a good lookin ass movie.


I can’t control myself.

Oooh papito tell me what to do


I think they shoulda just kept the camera on Laz the entire time.  Even if he had nothing to do with the scene, just put him in the back somewhere.  Like behind Ne-Yo.

And when


advance screening came out, you best believe I was front row (or middle row rather, it was a movie theatre) center reckless eyeballing the screen.


How bad did I want that towel to come up when he was slidin around on that floor? Chiiiiiiiiiiiiile!

That’s not even right.  Laz walkin around topless is equivalent to me going to the supermarket in a bikini.  It’s just not right.

But don’t think I think of Laz as just a piece of meat (hahah, no pun intended & yes, we’re on a 1st name basis lol)

I told you he was a brain, right? Listen to what this man is saying:



Es la verdad

Me encanta.


Ms. Officer


2 Comments Add yours

  1. W!NK~of ~C£A§§ says:

    oh he is fine1

  2. Rashida says:

    Mami, yu so funny!
    But yu ain’t neva lied cuz he is fine!
    Oh yea, he fine!

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