Woman Barters Kids for A Bird


Yep people, just when you think folks can’t get any stranger, here comes the next n****.  You read right, a woman gave away  a pair of her kids in exchange for a bird.  A cockatoo, if that makes you feel any better. 

Now, I don’t like no screaming kids just as much as you do:

Ain’t nooooobody tryna hear to that. But damn. Even I find that to be in bad taste.

Apparently Paul & Brandy Romero of Louisiana advertised that they wanted to sell their bird for $1,500.  A response from  Donna Greenwell came in, saying she’d be willing to take the cockatoo off of their hands, but because she was strapped for cash, she’d give them the 2 kids instead. Greenwell origionally put it out there that she’d sell the children for $2,000 cuz she was strapped for cash while caring for 3 kids. 

But here’s the best part.

The 2 kids she was trying to sell ain’t even hers!

Turns out Greenwell had the 4 and 5 year old in her care while the biological parents were going through a divorce.

So the Romeros and Greenwell put their heads together (pause) and came up with a solution that would satiate both sides of this backwards equation:

Donna bartered the children to Paul & Brandy, and recieved the cockatoo and $175 for her trouble.


Each one of their asses were arressted and charged with aggravated kidnapping.  While the 3 little ones were placed in foster care.

I mean why would you do that? 

@ least be on the come-up from the deal- but $175 & a bird? She basically got:


 a colt 45


a pigeon in return for two people.


I just can’t.


*Ms. Officer


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