To Sentence or Not To Sentence T.I.

To Sentence.

It seemed for a while there that T.I. wasn’t even really gonna go to jail & that the whole thing turned out to be a really bad episode of Magnum P.I.

But alas, he’s on his way to a federal court room to be sentenced to a year in prison on weapons charges for purchasing an entire arsenal of  silencers and machine guns.

He’s also being fined $100,000. Which, to him, in real people money translates to:

In the time since we all forgot that T.I. was even going to jail @ all, he’s fulfilled his mandated 1000 hours of community service by visiting students @ 58 schools, 12 Boys & Girls Clubs, 9 Churches, and other various non-profit organizations.

@ least we know he luh da kids.

Don’t worry you know I’ll keep you posted like the block!

*Ms. Officer

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  1. Rese says:

    Soooo madd at the hair..eww!!

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