‘Doptin ‘Round The World

So apparently Madonna wants another child from Malawi, Africa.


David Banda is the first child she adopted while with Guy Ritchie, but this time she’d like to purchase adopt a 4 yr. old girl.

and Angelina Pitt/Brad Jolie both want to adopt (more) little foreign babies.

However Ms. Material Girl herself is having a lot more trouble doing so. 

They ain’t lettin him go so quick.  It turns out that they think she’s ‘unfit’ (or @ least not as fit as she was w/ Ritchie) to care for her kids along w/ her busy schedule.


Even though she’s proving she’s cool,

(See? She takes David back to see his biological pops)

Not only are African babies now the accessory to have, they are being adopted quite frequently by these white megastars.  Yes, they provide a better quality of life and living conditions for the child, but its gotten to a point where people are intentionally abandoning their babies & Madonna folks are coming from overseas, using their money & status to bully the government into a rushed, seamless adoption.


She was just granted custody of the young girl by Judge Esme Chombo.  Even though it’s not supposed to be made official til Friday, word just leaked.  See? They didn’t take the fact that she’s a single mother

into account. 

Meanwhile Brad & Angelina are on the prowl again, this time in India. 

Apparently (& I kid you not, no pun intended)

They saw the movie Slumdog Millionare & decided it’d be cool to have themselves a little Indian baby too.

Why not? The UN Babies need to add India to the coalition.

However, in addition to the 48 I mean 8 children the pair already own have, this would bring the grand total to 9. 

Does the fact that they keep on adopting mean they’re like the Octomom?

P.S.: I can’t look @ that Octomess & eat @ the same time. 

I dunno.


  • Ms. Officer

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