Is This Racist?

Welcome to yet another thing I am confused about.

It never ends, but this time I think the question is legit. 

We could all point fingers, I’m the ‘militant Black woman’, your’re the redneck incest weirdo, he’s the neutral asian guy whose really good @ math, she’s the blond chick who has no idea if its raining or not even though she’s staring out the window.

But were not gonna do that.  I just wanna know how I can see if something is racist without having to be labeled as a fist-pick carrying, dashiki wearing Black person.  So I’m gonna go ahead and be as Dipolmatic

about this as possible. 

With that said,

Is this Racist?

Yikes. Either way, at the very least one can determine that it is wrong. 

I’m certain we can think of many other landmarks we can use to honor & pay homage to our 1st Black President than with a line of former “Royal Fried Chicken” joints in Brooklyn not-so aptly-named “Obama Fried Chicken”.

And Halal food.

(Btw, usually Halal meat is usually referenced on these types of awnings.  Excatly which animal is named ‘Halal’ that this meat originates from? Can I point to a Halal & ask my 6 year old cousin to tell me what a ‘Halal’ sounds like?)

(And since when did  “Hot Wing’s” become possessive?)

Anywhoo, I digress. 

Apparenly the owner of this restaurant, Mr. Jabbar was a lawyer & a professor @ a university in Bagdhad before he came over here to fry chicken & serve up a plethora of other healthless delicacies to the African American Community.  Mr. Jabbar is an Obama enthusiast and hung pictures of Barack all around the restaurant  to show his support.  But the White House was not having it.  They said, quote:


“The White House has a longstanding policy of disapproving uses of the president’s name and likeness for commercial purposes.”

Nonetheless, there’s still an ‘Obama Beauty Supply’ as well.

Don’t you see why this can be racist? Even a little bit?



*Ms. Officer


6 Comments Add yours

  1. There are also black Muslims, Surenos, Asian gangs of all ilk, all which are abject racists. Cheyanne Blond

  2. Jinn says:

    Disrespectful, but not racist. Now if the owner of the establishment was from the dominant culture, my opinion would be different.

  3. Nicole says:

    isn’t Halal an Arabic term usually refer to meat that’s considered permitted/lawful? so like pork would not be halal…I feel like it’s sort of similar to the idea of food being kosher or not. 😀

  4. Nicole says:

    ^ actually I should amend that a bit. I believe it refers to anything that is considered lawful/permitted not just meat. But in this context, I imagine it’s referring to the meat

  5. Marly says:

    Girl look, while I’m not into labels, I’m nevertheless a proud card carrying member of the aforementioned fist-pick carrying, dashiki wearing Black person club. And um… THIS ISH IS RACIST! But worst than that, it’s internalized racism and giving white folks another way to ridicule us and affirm their notions of us.

  6. dashikis says:

    Racist :: Obama Fried Chicken probably has more to do with a thinly-veiled money grab than anything. He will no doubt change the name after the present administration steps down, hopefully in 8 years rather than 4. I won

    The heavy african american woman eating chicken, is racist, and is just mean. Never understood this one. Colonel Sanders himself isn’t even black.

    Marly: I love a good dashiki :~)

    If I had to put up with what my african american friends put up with I would be wearing a scottish kilt every day myself. A coat of woad might be a bit too tribal, but then again, european-americans sometimes could use a reminder they came from tribal societies too.

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