Silly Sh*t I Like To Watch

What is there better to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon than look up my favorite things to watch?

I know.

This (The King Of Queens) is easily one of my faaaaavorite shows, (alongside Martin, The Jamie Foxx Show, Entourage, The Wire, Law & Order SVU, Soul Food, Family Guy…) and I just couldn’t take not sharing it with you any longer.

For immediate comedic relief, please press play on the video below:

He goes soooo hard.

Got me with that upside down move.

& How about the stripper @ the end of the scene? How awkward do you think shooting that was on top of Jerry Stiller’s lap?

Yea, I Know.

I too wanna take up pole dancing, I’ll let you know how that goes.

Make it rain.


*Ms. Officer


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