I hate this.

He is about to break out into an unapologetic body roll. Contrary to what you might believe, it is an epidemic.

For those of you unfamiliar, allow me to show u a small example of what I am referring to:

Whoever this is, he’s an *sshole.  Never mind the jerk holding the camera.

Shout out to the 71,351 fools who sat & watched this because they thought it was sexy.

Now believe you me, I am a staunch advocate of preventing this, so u can imagine how much it pains me to even compose this post.  Nonetheless, here we go:

This qualifies as bodyrolling too.  Do not be fooled by the low degree of intensity.

But there are varying types:

The Haitian Bodyroll:

The used-to-be-cute-but is now a monster Bodyroll:

The I’m entirely too old for this Bodyroll

The Group Bodyroll, a.k.a, one form of ‘Swordfighting’

(On the floor counts too!)

The side ‘curl’ squiggle Bodyroll

The ain’t- u- in- enough- trouble- as- it- is-u- got- the- nerve- to- be- bodyrollin’ bodyroll

The T-Pain Bodyroll

Yet as I sit here trying to force back the vomit chunks from hitting my computer, none of these offenses seem to even come close.  In fact, they pale in comparison to this latest crime:



Spectacular from the group Pretty Ricky gets 10 Consecutive life terms in prison!

With Johnny Gill!

That was easily the most talked about video on the internet this week. Awareness is up approx. 1 trillion percent.

(Don’t forget about his other group member- another grown man calling himself ‘Lingerie’.  Might as well call himself ‘Bra’)

Now, I sincerely do hate bodyrolling & believe it is waaay to effeminate for men to even touch.

Let it be duly noted:

This type of behavior is beyond unacceptable for any male claiming to be straight.

…Cuz if not, it seems like they’re just trying to…

cookKiss.jpg image by noc_rtsj

Now which guys do u think that applies to?


*Ms. Officer


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Nicole says:

    laughing so hard right now

  2. Lolo says:

    I can’t and I will not

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