Michael Jackson Part 1

Michael Jackson??

Thriller Special Edition

You would be remiss if you said you did not make fun of or laugh at this man at any point in time. In fact, some of my favorite skits on “In Living Color” or “Mad TV” were those poking fun @ the Pop Icon:

Ugh! And who can forget??!!!
Who wasn’t clinging to the edge of their seat as this verdict was read??

I dug my nails into the side of my bed as I sat there & looked on, nervous & hoping they wouldn’t send the tiny Mike Jack off to the pen where he wouldn’t last a nanosecond. And of course I watched in on CNN, minus the obnoxious European accent and woman w/ the doves.

Meanwhile, we’ve all laughed at and the same time questioned the things that Michael Jackson has done.  Everyone has poked fun at him a time or two, even I did, in an earlier entry on this very website.

& C’mon, 3T?

(Ok, Ok- guilty pleasure, they had some hot joints).

 Everything from the skin lightening, ( I firmly believed he dunked himself in a tub of bleach) to the nose, but he is insanely iconic.


What I can say, undeniably, regardless of the postings, rumors, allegations, hearsay, blah, blah, blah,



There is not one moment for anyone who can truly understand and appreciate a bassline that they cannot recconnect & reminice and identify a specific point in their lives that Michael Jackson can’t serendae.

Allow me to ease you on down memory lane with my personal Top 7 Michael Jackson songs (Not including Jackson 5 & in no particular order except #1)


“Annie are you o-k, are you o-k, are you o-k Annie?” As my friends established themseves as a contendible dance group in Brooklyn called ‘T.K.O.’, we started going through a barrage of MJ videos. While the video was on repeat,  “Annie are you o-k” would be in heavy rotation in our mouths (pause)


I used to absolutely adore a boy who lived in my neigborhood at the very time this song came out.  When I say adore I mean I had a serious crush on him, a-la-Slick Rick Teenage Love. And when this song came out, I immediately went hard because it described what  I was feeling to the “T”.  I , of course, never told said boy, who will remain anonymous, (true friends know this fella’s moniker), but as I’d come to find out not too long ago, he couldn’t believe the stupid stuff he’d said to me when we were both teens & thought I was too good for him. He was right.


Watching this video reminds me of when I was little, when all videos looked like this, just take for example,


W/ Naomi Campbell weirding up the video (& she is weird) the song is not affected.


Summer 1995.  Self explanitory.


Off The Wall I listen to like it’s the newewst Jay-Z joint.  It’s that relevant.


When I first heard this song I was in my teens.  It’s so relaxing, so calm, so pretty.  As a teenager, you can get down on yourself at times.  This one didn’t let me.



Number one Michael Joe Jackson song that I absolutely love:



I remember hearing this jam and seeing this video when I was little and falling in love with both.  I cannot pinpoint a specific time, but it seemed to just always be there.  Especially during the holidays, this video is always number one on the countdowns.

And how many of these stories do we all have?

The possibilties are endless.  What I do know is that I still am in disbelief at the fact that (if not) the most recognizable person on earth (Let me remind you Michael is NOT GOD) (Nor am I talking about you, Beyonce) has passed away.

What probably bothers me most about it is that anyone born after June 25th will only know Micheal Jackson as a memory & not as an immediate part of their culture.

Moonwalk on Forever, Mike

God Bless



Ms. Officer


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  1. soratothamax says:

    I don’t get into people’s personal life. I am strictly into professional. And when it comes to MJ’s professional life, he was polished. This guy worked hard for the money. He did a good job, and by the end of the day, that’s all I care about.

    check out my tribute if you want to.


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