Michael Jackson, Part 2


Words really cannot describe how I feel about this. Michael Jackson is a figure I grew up with and have been a fan of all of my life. I didn’t even realize how deeply his passing bothered me. Listening to a slow MJ song? Forget about it! The BPM for “I Can’t Help It” tips the scale on how just how much the tempo can lag before that salty discharge starts to fall from my eyes. So you know “I’ll Be There” & “Never Can Say Goodbye” are completely out of the question.

An icon, innvoator, public figure, philanthropist, businessman, possibly unintentional comedian, and entertainer, (in every sense of the word) Michael Jackson will be more than missed.


On this day of his memorial service now taking place on the opposite side of the country in the Staples Center, I feel the pit in my stomach about to give way as Stevie Wonder serenades MJ with his unparalleled voice. Undeniably MJ changed the scope of “The Music Video”. I decided to dedicate part two of my Michael Jackson tribute posting toooooooooo

Theeeeee Top 7 Michael Jackson videos (and consequently the best videos, period) of all time!

Earth Song

So Intense!

Liberian Girl

Theeee origional celebrity cameo video. Who else was puttin Theo from The Cosby Show, Quincy Jones annnnnd Speilberg in a video?? Forget your Jamie Foxx’s Blame It, forget T-Pain, Diddy, all that. This is where it began.

The Jackson 5- Can You Feel It

The hardest i’ve ever seen or heard anything go. Period.

Beat It

For years my best friend Nicole Vazquez (There! lol) & I tried to figure out what Michael was saying on the chorus, and we’d debate this back & forth over the phone, muting ourselves & turning up the TV everytime the video came on. When we’d finally come to the verdict we agreed the lyric was “No one wants to Beat it, Beat it”. No, it made no sense, but we just wanted to belt the words of that song @ the top of our lungs. And we did.
*Interesting Tidbit*
Unbeknownst to her, I desperately tried to mimic those moves in the video…I’m still working on it =o)

Rock With You

This song sits atop my Top 7 songs, (not just MJ, but ever) And the video is apex too. The simplicity of it explains the song perfectly, & I couldn’t think of another way this video should look.

Billie Jean

I remember watching this for the 1st time @ about 4 years old. Even then, I knew this was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen. Billie Jean grew to be one of my faaaaavorite MJ songs too; also, the simplicity of this video, camera shots, the way it was put together, no other music video of this subject matter even parallels. I also loved the fact that everything he touched lit up & the sidewalk squares lit up too. I didn’t want that creep lurking in the backgroundd to get him! Good ol’ nosy lady!


Ok, ok, really now!

Yes, and I know what you’re thinking. Thriller is, indeed, #2. Well, truth be told this is like 1a. Ok, I lied again. Its like #1 parallel. The barriers broken with this video, style emulated with this video, the world changed with this video, records smashed with this album.
And yes, I too was scared when I first saw this video as a little kid.
We performed this video for homecoming court too!


I used to be soooo into this video because it was so futuristic & cool. Everytime it came on, I danced & wondered where Michael & Janet were cuz I wanted to go. Not to mention, this was the most expensive music video ever made, at $7 million dollars.

Remember The Time

What an epic event I remember this to be. Not since Thriller had the music video been redifined, then here Michael came again. It was such a huge deal because he had been coming back out at this time, and I distinctly remember (hahah, no pun intended) when this came out. There was soooooo much buzz about this video, and it was to world premiere on a Sunday night, right in the middle of Martin on Fox 5. This was not to be missed. Michael Jackson was coming back on & you had better be there. My mother recorded it on video tape. As I sat perched in front of the television, it looked absolutely magical. Nor was I able to fight back the “ooooooooh” all kids muster when I saw Michael kissing Iman. At school the next day eeeeeeeverybody was talking about it. In fact, I can’t recall anyone who didn’t have the video on and who wasn’t buzzing about the golden video.

Remember The Time was so important to me, not only because of its incredible dancing, costume, and quite frankly, comedy, but because that was the Michael that I grew up with. Previous generations identified w/ the Jackson 5, even with Thriller. But this was my Michael. The one (like I mentioned previously) who was joked about on “In Living Color”, the one who “Jammed” with Heavy D & the other MJ (Michael Jordan) Remember the Time was really the video I tangibly remember making me go back to other Jackson songs & from there, my fanship truly began. I also know the dance from this video because of a performance we had to give as a teenager.


And nowwwwwww presentingggggggg
Theeee #1 Michael Jackson Video:

Don’t play!
This is obviously not a music video, but a performance. Shame all the way on you if you did not feel some type of way watching this. I grew up w/ the moonwalk already in existence, but going back to look at this, I can certainly appreciate how amazing this was to witness it as it occured.
Why was (is) Michael Jackson the greatest of all time u ask?

Because in not one of those videos did you everseehimbodyroll!!!!

Michael Joe Jackson:
Talent: Unrivaled
Performance: Unmatched
Lifestlye: Unparalleled
Legacy: Unforgettable.

“This Is It”- Michael why did you have to be right?

My curiosity took me up to the World Famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem (here in New York City) in order to get a glimpse of what others were feeling/experiencing. I will post the video and pictures from my experience there tomorrow.
“Your father wasn’t strange, He had to deal with strange things”

God Bless,
*Ms. Officer


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nicole says:


    I’m still trying to figure out what the fuck he’s saying


    love you MJ!

    omg do you remember how funny was “when I saw you kickin dirt in my eye”??? that was classic. ❤

    In terms of vids, Beat It and Billie Jean are my faves I think. I love the floor lighting up under his dance moves in BJ and the gangs dancing at the end of BI? how awesome was that? haha And of course Thriller is just EPIC. No denying that.

  2. MsOfficer says:

    Lmao! Yes, You areeee indeed “the Nicole in question”, I even clarified it above, I was trying to protect your last name.

    Lol that is what he’s saying!

    I thought that was hilarious “When I saw You Kicking Dirt in my eye” If the dirt was there you saw it? Remember that whol “kike” issue too?? Wheeeeeeew

    You are totally right on all those videos. We used to be glued to Beat It & Billie Jean!

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