Johnny Depp the Sexiest Man Alive??

Well it took long enough, but here I am! And it only took one simple magazine cover to prompt me to do so.

Johnny Depp the sexiest man alive???

The Sexiest Man Alive: Johnny Depp

This list is actually revered by many.  It’s usually pretty accurate as to who they select,  and the cover usually tends to be the best choice.


Are they f*ckin insane?

There is nothing sexy about

Johnny Gill

Johnny Damon

Johnny Depp.

When I look at Johnny Depp, I do not want to have sex.

In fact, he seems abit molestor-y.

Not just here.

and certainly here:

It seems to me that he really wouldn’t be interested in anybody over the age of consent.

Yep, That’s about right.


Ms. Officer


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dawn says:

    hahaha very true and i never really thought about it that way…and you make me laugh so damnhard!

  2. Johnny Depp is FANTASTIC ! I LOVE HIM! When I become an moviestar I totally want to be in a movie with him! LOVE HIM ! 🙂

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