Silly Sh*t I Like To Watch

SNL has easily been one of my longstanding favorite shows.  Sketch comedy always wins with me.

But I was in for a surprise during this week’s episode.

Ok, now granted I didn’t get to watch it live due to partaking in debauchery at the holiday dinner party at  my dear friend Nyisha’s house.  Yet during my usual romp around news sites online I was instantly reminded that cutie pie

James Franco hosted Saturday’s show & “hilarity ensued” (a-la-Tucker Max).

In the words of a tween white girl:




This sh*t is hilarious. The tongue? I nearly peed.

Despite exceedingly questionable behavior by Franco & well…everyone else in “Kissing Family”, (especially the intense make out sessions with Bill Hader & of course Will Forte)

I don’t really think he is gay…even though he just finished playing boyfriend to Harvey in the film “Milk”.

Gratuitous M 2 M (Male 2 Male. F*ckin give me credit with coining this phrase, don’t just hijack my words) action on screen.  Does that mean you’re gay?


a really good actor?

“….Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”


*Ms. Officer


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