Roid Rage

You didn’t think I was gonna let this one slip into obscurity, did you?

I can’t begin to describe how disappointing this is to me.  As a sports fan, I can’t be bothered with the constant stream of junkies who pretend to be professional athletes.  Like it or not, they chose to play a sport that propels them into the national spotlight & consequently, your living room, where your kids will watch his (or her) every move and aspire to be just like them one day.

Then comes the realization that their favorite (insert sport here) player is really strung out on performance enhancing drugs, and it really wasn’t their sheer talent hard at work, but the juice.

Mark McGwire becomes yet another statistic.  Earlier this week he sat weeping in front of a host of his peers & superiors admitting to the steroid use that led to him breaking a tiny little home run record back in 1998.

His years of taking roids were just about half of those he spent as a player in the MLB.  He started in 1989 & stopped in 1990. From ’93-’99 he kept his muscles juiced, well into the period he competed with Sammy Sosa for Roger Maris’ single-season home run record– hitting 70, breaking a record held tightly since 1961.

In 2010, 12 years “far away” into the future, things have gotten a little weirder.  Sammy Sosa’s no longer in Mark’s back pocket, but guest-starring in reruns of “Casper” on FX.

All the endorsements and fanfare have tuckered out, and many others since have been BBQ’ed for their participation in usage, ( Darryl Strawberry, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Darryl Strawberry again, Alex Rodriguez) Mark thought it was safe to peek out and admit that his whole image since “the last good year of Hip Hop” was a hoax.

So he admitted on Monday to being on & off “the stuff” for 10 years.  What does he get?

A slap on the hands & a wag of the finger?

Excommunicated from the MLB for at least a year?

A date with K-Ci Fantasia Barrino?


None of the above punishments were as suitable as….

The Commish Bud Selig still letting Mark be the hitting coach for the St. Louis Cardinals come February, 2011.

Can we just save the grunt work and automatically assume that the home run class of 2011 & beyond for The Cards will all be

But it’s not all good.

This motherf*cka aged badly, didn’t he?

Good grief.

Doesn’t he have reason to?


*Ms. Officer


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    Thanks for the post

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