Gary Coleman and Domestic Violence in the Same Sentence

Well, this is weird.

In yet another set of words uncomfortably strung together in a sentence, Gary Coleman was arrested today in Utah.  For…you guessed it, hitting someone.  He was taken in at 1:28 this afternoon, and the details still remain hazy.  The victim still has yet to be identified.

Perhaps this isn’t as weird as I origionally thought.  Gary Coleman is no stranger to oddities.

I mean,

This awkward marriage to a then 21-year-old Shannon Price from somewhere in the middle of the country where cousin marrying has never been frowned upon. And then saying he was a virgin at age 63

Then there was this episode where he like, had his mouth & arms doused in crack & signed stuff like manties & Gamecubes for money…or two loosies and a monkey

The time he was surrounded by Mark Messier and a bunch of used jock straps. And Mark Messier’s ballsack was hanging out underneath

or the time he was on Divorce Court with Paul Bunyan
or Gary Coleman actually aging.

By the way– His wife Shannon was arrested in 2008 for domestic violence.

More info to come as the story develops.


*Ms. Officer


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