Hot Potato with Nancy Pelosi

Tonight, President Obama gave his State of The Union Address.

You thought it was about the economic state of this nation, or health care or education or security or stimuli.

But it wasn’t.

It was all about Nancy Pelosi.

This woman cannot stay in her seat.  Never mind it’s glaringly obvious she has a crush on President Obama, by the way she reckless eyeballs him but must she leap out of her chair every time he completes a sentence?  She is clearly not aware that her bountiful standing ovations are the barometer by which the rest of congress will get up & clap.
As the evening progressed it became clear that Joe Biden was not happy with the impromptu workout.

And even though the night was lively with a bipartisan workout, not all were captivated by Pelosi’s dance.  For specificity, check the video @ 2:12:

Was the resounding applause & the fact that the President was addressing the U.S. in the State Of The Union Address not enough to keep Harry Reid awake??

Perhaps he would’ve been better with one of these:

Overall, I think President Obama gave a good speech.  He always knows excatly what to say and how to say it to pump feelings of hope and action into people.  Perhaps if I were not so distracted, I’d be able to provide a better assessment.

The rest of the State of The Union address can be found here:

She’s watching.


*Ms. Officer

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