Well, this is a hot mess.

NFL player this guy:

EricGreen-1.jpg image by chrisjnelson

Eric Green is accused of sodomizing a transgender organism, Angelina Mavilia.


Only one sentence in and I’ve come up with a myriad of questions.

The claim wasn’t just of regular sodomy, but of “forcable sodomy”.  But…isn’t sodomy forced to begin with, thus making it sodomy?

Anywho, the pair met in Arizona last year while Green was still playing for the Cardinals.   It’s also his hometown where he still resides.  Unclear if this person was going by Angelina or Angelo at this point, they claim that while they went back to Eric’s condo, he was overly aggressive & threatening.  To ensure Angelo lina it wouldn’t tell, Eric was said to have constructed this very simple sentence: “You better not tell”.


For that incident Mr. Miss. Ambiguous Mavilia is suing Green for $10 million. Eric’s camp has yet to issue a statement, making him seem…guilty.

That certainly is a pickle


to be in.

If it is true, then the situation (still weird) is unquestionably wrong, regardless of this man’s sexual orientation.

But I see another issue at play here.

Is Eric Green Light Skinned,


or Dark Skinned


cuz I can’t tell.

Maybe it’s just the flash.



*Ms. Officer


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nicole says:


    “You better not tell”

    Like wow did he even say, or else…? fail.

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