Black History Month Vs. Black History Monf

How many f**kin times am I going to have to write about this same thing? It almost makes me not want to eat any in public anymore. ALMOST.

Well according to Questlove, “In honor of Black History Month” Lunch at NBC looks a little more colored.


This is a twitpic from Questlove of the menu.  I half expect to see your choice of any 40 oz. beverage offered below:

For some reason, we as Black folk are almost synonymous with this fried Bird. Perhaps because we prepare it the best with only one foe:

ok, maybe two:

I’m not too sure how “Native American Fried Chicken”, “Caucasian Fried Chicken” or “Polynesian Fried Chicken” would go over.

Yet that’s beside the point.

As funny as 30 Rock is, I can’t let this slide.

This sh*t will never end!


*Ms. Officer


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