Damn Vol. 6

Belongs to Kellan Lutz.

Good grief.

Some of you may know him from 90210

Some of you may know him from Twilight

No matter why you know who he is, we can all agree on one thing: He’s bad as sh*t.

When Kellan exists, I can’t really see how everyone can be going so criminally insane over Robert Pattinson. As I stated before– outside of him playing a vampire, he actually looks dead.

Sh*t he could stand for a tan, couldn’t he?? Maybe even get pointers from this douchebag:

I am sorry, it was stupid of me to digress like that.

It’s very seldom that I lay my eyes on someone who immediately turns me into ravenous wolf. At 6’1 and just the right amount of body, I size him up as juuust right.

As I sit here writing this, I am having extreme trouble keeping my legs together– as evidenced by his new spread to advertise Calvin Klein’s new manties. CK truly loves to photograph men’s balls.


You can’t be serious dude.

Makes me feel sorta like…

…Except I don’t think he’s a bitch. And I’m not a boy. And I hate Akon.

Kellan Lutz: Soul Sister Sandwich!

He knows exactly what time it is.


*Ms. Officer


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