Fatty Fat Fat


In case you weren’t sure, the taker of the peck is Silent Bob, aka producer Kevin Smith.  He has taken his anger to the internets via Twitter because Southwest Airlines said he was too fat to ride the plane without paying for two seats.

If that in of itself was not insult to injury already, Southwest said he was a  “safety risk” basically calling him speaking cargo.


Well, Kevin did the next logical thing one could do; took to social networking site Twitter to barrage Southwest with a plethora of 4-letter words & to let his million + followers he was neither drunk nor high during the whole ordeal. He also tweeted the above photo.

Southwest had since apologized, wrote a blog on the incident & offered Smith a $100 voucher for his next date of travel.

An excerpt of Southwest’s apology (Courtesy TMZ):

2/13 Flight 2394, Oakland-Burbank:
Many of you reached out to Southwest Airlines via Twitter last night (2/13) and today (2/14) regarding a situation a Customer Twittered about that occurred on a Southwest flight. It is unusual for us to handle individual Customer concerns in so public a forum, but with so many people involved in and aware of the situation, you also should be involved in the solution. First and foremost, to Mr. Smith: we would like to echo our Tweets and again offer our heartfelt apologies to you. We are sincerely sorry for your travel experience on Southwest Airlines.

As soon as we saw the first Tweet from Mr. Smith, we contacted him personally to apologize for his experience and to address his concerns on both Twitter and with a personal phone call last night and another call this afternoon (2/14). Since the situation has received a lot of public attention, we’d like to take the opportunity to address a few of the specifics here as well.

But there’s a bigger (no pun intended) issue at play here.


Not too long ago, airlines imposed that it would start charging its heavier riders for two seats. Naturally this caused a huge (again, pun not intended) uproar and people were outraged at such a krass proposal.

I see it as only fair.

You eat for to people,

You weigh the same amount as two people,

You cannot just have 1 seat.


So many times a scenario similar to this presents itself on the New York City transit system.  Wouldn’t it be ok to double charge? The Air France- KLM Group seems to think so, they are charging twice as much to haul obese people across state lines.  How will this work?

When folks arrive at the checkout counter, those who are deemed “too fat to fly” will be asked to purchase a second seat before being allowed to board.

So we’re leaving this up to discretion? We all know how well that worked out the last time we tried it:


Well, what do you think?


*Ms. Officer


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Dawn says:

    i agree! as i gasp for breath from laughing so damn hard

  2. Denise says:

    As someone who flies VERY infrequently, my answer would depend on several factors:
    1)When the offending person pays for two seats, does the airline actually leave the seat next to that person empty, or do they double dip and sell it to someone else anyway?
    2)Does the airline have a strict weight/ circumference standard, or is it left up to the selling agent? One person’s “fat” may not be another’s.
    3) Since he was already on the plane and seated, was Smith actually spilling into the next seat? Did someone complain, or was the captain being a butthead?

    I know the idea is to crowd as many people into a tuna can as possible, but considering the fact that most of the country is overweight to begin with ( come on, admit it – most of the behinds you see on a daily basis fall into the “husky/plus-size” category), why don’t they make the seats a smidge bigger, or reserve a few strategicaly placed “fatty” seats on every plane, and if they don’t need to be used for that particular flight offer them at a slightly higher price as an “upgrade”? Win-win.

  3. MsOfficer says:

    @Denise: 1. I imagine they’d leave that next seat open
    2. Def think that the discretion thing is an issue…haven’t we tried that b4 w/ police?
    3. Hah! Spilled! b/c it’s like liquid!
    Great suggestions I wonder what others think

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