Everyone Looks The Same To Me Vol. 19

I reaaaaaaally want to like Governor Paterson.


And although I cannot definitively say that I do not like “The Accidental Governor”, he sure gives plenty of reason for speculation:

-We gave him a pass for being up front w/ his drug use & stuff immediately talking about his adulterating past.

-This weird semi-involvement in a domestic abuse case with one of his staffers, (allegedly) calling the incident where the woman’s head was “smashed into a mirrored dresser” similar to “breakups you hear about all the time”

(If this indeed is the case, who the hell does he know??)

-The thing w/ the tryst w/ some woman at some restaurant a couple weeks back.

-Strange mid-week club appearances

-Bizarre ways he chooses to use his power

-This new thing with using govn’t money for some Yankee tickets

Now I see why he got all bent outta shape about things like this…

…because this was prophetic of the way he was actually carrying on.

And as we see Governor Paterson traped all up & down Yet I am surprised that no reputable news outlet

The New York Times

CBS News

USA Today

The Wall Street Journal

The New York Post

The Detroit Free Press

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

ABC News

Fox News



no one else has made the connection that

Our very own, very 1st Black Governor of New York City looks JUST like


Lybian leader Moammar Gaddafi! (Or however he’s spelling it this week.)


My goodness! This sh*t is breaking news!



I first happened upon this discovery during one of the guv’s more recent flubs, when all the world leaders descended upon New York to visit the U.N. towards the end of the summer.



(This dude’s got a bad case of guyliner, doesn’t he?)

I found it absolutely startling, not to mention the similarities between the two would-be siamese twins had their birth not been separated by 12 years.

No one thinks Paterson’s glaring resemblance to a Lybian leader who once relinquished his post as Prime Minister of Lybia some 38 years ago, (probably at the urging of Rev. Al Sharpton and other widely-publicized Black leaders over a dinner of greens and yams at Sylvia’s restaurant) is alarming??

If we follow the algorithm that history repeats itself, it’s safe to say that Paterson is not only not budging from his seat, but will dictate New York politics for the next 4 decades, much like


and his trampling all over term limit laws.



Get ready for New York politics to get run over by dictatorship and heavy man- makeup!



…and a little bit of bromance.




Why Not?


*Ms. Officer


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nicole says:

    lol I can definitely see the resemblance

  2. Talisa says:

    The resemblance is nauseating. In addition to the guyliner, can we please discuss Gaddafi’s busted perm, bad dye job and caked on foundation?

  3. shawn says:

    this is hilarious

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