The Curse of Joe Biden

Are we rejoicing that a historic healthcare bill finally got passed allowing insurance for just about 94%of Americans? (Take that Canada)

Children up to age 26 will be able to remain on their parents’ insurance

We get to have the same flavor of health insurance that some of our favorite members of congress

Small business owners will snag tax credits to cover their employees?

Joe Biden just waits in the shadows until Barack accomplishes something, then just comes out at the grand occasion– just like that drunk uncle at Christmas who you try to keep away from the small children.

But for this, Obama has yet another reason to keep Uncle Joe in the barn outback:


Whispering dangersously close to the President’s ear is one thing. Doing it in front of a host of newsmedia is another. Shouting the F-bomb into several on mics…well, that’s the kooky gamble you take when letting the Vice President out into the United States.

Everyone’s in an uproar about this F-Word.  But lest we forget what minority leader John Boehner said?

Usual winner of the crying game, I am surprised Boehner didn’t revert to his usual teary eyed tactics of throwing a tantrum to get his point across, although he never really has one to get attention.


Or the Tea Party

Or that James Clyburn (D-SC) had racial epithets hurled at him and images of nooses faxed to him.

I like what we pay attention to.

So, in sum,

we know Joe Biden has a lot of gaffes:

But let’s not act like there aren’t things being said and done to members of congress who stood up for health care reform, in revolts and verbal assaults since the 1960’s. Remember them?

at least the F word doesn’t offend a specific group of people. Unless you’re one of these two…


Ms. Officer

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