1800 Sex-For-Republicans



Don’t compare to


“Caught up” can’t begin to describe the mess the Republican party has gotten themselves into this time. Trickin large amounts of money in a topless, bondage themed sex club. $2000, to be exact, of political capital went to reimburse a GOP donor who obviously had some sort of group sex an orgasm off of some sort of weird, sadomascist tryst.

So the GOP fired the person who was responsible for making the reimbursment, blah, blah, blah.

That Michael Steel finds himself covering up RNC tracks back  in the spotlight as the talking head he is for the ridiculous spending of the Grand Ol’ Party, barely 4 months into the new decade.

Haven’t we seen this before?

-$12,691 on Limo rides (perhaps on 20’s)

-$ 17, 514 on a private aircraft

– A Hawaiian “Republican Retreat” What the hell purpose does that even serve?

– $13,316 At a Lucky Strike Bowling Alley. I’ve been to Lucky Strike. Can’t nobody bowl that damn much.  But they can suck down ten thou woth of liquor though.

-Damn near $300,000 to one particular catering company. What the hell did their taste buds have to have?


You think it ends there?


The RNC listed a phone sex number on a fundraising letter sent to perspective donors. Instead of getting a greedy slimeball on the other end, folks were prompted for @$2.99 a minute to keep phone sexing with a “live one-on-one talk with a nasty girl”.

Naturally Doug Heye (the RNC Spokesman) revealed what he does when he goes home on a nightly gave the okie-doke by saying he meant to put the 202 area code on the letters instead of 800.

How convenient is it that the two telephone numbers are so close together?

How many times is the RNC going to prove themselves as a bunch of babbling buffoons?

I dunno.


*Ms. Officer


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