Tiger: “I Hit Balls and More Balls and Got The Itch Again To Start Playing”

How many times can Tiger say balls in one sentence?

Tiger Woods Masters Press Conference

Apparently a lot.

As evidenced by his press conference this afternoon from Augusta, GA at The Masters:

Pt. 1: (Never mind Craig Sager sitting beside him)


Pt. 2:


Pt. 3:


Pt. 4:


Absolutely pointless. We only learned that Elin would not be joining him this week,  but we would’ve still found that out from Mediatakeout or TMZ in an hour.

We still don’t know if he had an addiction to those pain killers

We still don’t know what advertisers are gonna pick him up

We still don’t know if he will stop sexxxting so poorly

Nonetheless, clad in his shirt from the White House Easter Egg Roll, also which  place today,

President Obama Shoots Hoops

(Ok I just wanted an excuse to put this excruciatingly cute picture of POTUS up)

Tiger has done what he tends to do so well: talk in circles around the media.

Meanwhile, on skid row, one of his hoes Joselyn James held a press conference of her own with that ol’ lawyer Gloria Allred.

All she did was yammer on about her deserving an apology from Woods. Whatever skank.

Safe to say this is the most excitement The Golf Channel has ever seen.


*Ms. Officer


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