OMG: Burger

The OMG Burger is bigger than a human head.


Served at a restaurant out in Cali called “The Catch”, it costs $34 to delight in this meal officially brand yourself as a glutton.

Weighing in at 4 lbs,  the burger is made of 4lbs of beef, with tomatoes, pickles, & 12 slices of cheese.

Since no ordinary peice of bread could cover such a behemoth, the whole thing is cradled between 2 14-inch peices   loaves of brioche.

The nerve of this restaurant owner? Has the audacity to put “a little” mayo on the bun.

Don’t forget about your side of fries, also weighing in at 4 lbs. You’ve added an extra 8 lbs to your waistine (and possible heart disease) in 1 sitting. Of course, that won’t happen, becuase this meal is to share– enough for 10 people.

Nonetheless, it’s not the burger that bothers me.

Not the 4 lbs of fries.

Not the 12 slices of cheese entire wheel of cheese they use.

It’s the little f*cking burger and whole pickle they put ON TOP of the already 10lb. smorgasboard.

Maybe it’s just me.


*Ms. Officer


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