No Sex Allowed At Yale?

But you can’t have sex there!
Yep, ’tis the deal at Yale. It seems that people look down upon other people who sleep with authority figures!
Yale has just joined the list of those snooty folk, barring students from having relations with professors that can influence their grades. Not just their own, but any professors, period:
 It is now outlawed for students to have relations with their professors, or professors in general at the Ivy leauge.  The Yale student handbook seems to think that there is such a thing as an “inappropriate age difference” between consenting adults over the age of, like, 21.

Yale also claims coercion is a factor in those kinds of relationships.

Myself, a long time propietor of relationships with older men (I, the Kelly-ee, rather than R.Kelly) have an uncontrollable, strange attraction to men decades considerably older than myself.

I can’t understand the attraction, but there was definitely that 1 professor in college I regret not sleeping with. I went from a “D” (at the midterm) to an “A-” in that class, with only 1 essay in between. Let’s just call him “The Good Doctor”.

At any rate, I think the rule is preposterous. I mean, don’t you think I’d look hot standing next to this guy?:

MMMMMM Nose hair!

What do you think?


*Ms. Officer


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