This Sh*t Happened Again??

Just last month we had to deal with some 16 year old hole who decided it was a good idea to announce over Wal-Mart’s PA system “All Blacks need to leave the store”.

walmart_peoplemean by you. 

Admittedly, the whole thing was pretty funny. A tiny bit bothersome, but nonetheless, provided a chuckle to those who saw the sense of humor in it. 

The kid, whose name was never released because he was a juvenile was arrested on charges of harrassment  & bias intimidation. We never heard a peep from that again, except that the New Jersey armpit store reduced its number of public intercoms.  This leads me to believe he was Black.

But that was way back on March 14th, 2010.

This is April.

Whole Foods- by you. 

Enter last weekend, where again, we heard the same sh*t, over the intercom system, in New Jersey.

This time it was a 14 year old girl rocked the mic at Whole Foods.  “All Blacks leave the store”. Cops said it was a copycat incident, but now it just begs the question:

How stupid are kids?

She too, who’s anonymity remains protected by her birthdate was charged with harassment & intimidation.

Now,  this doesn’t warrant any kind of protest of the mega stores– but more so against the parents for not keeping track of their offspring, and if they are teaching them that those asinine beliefs are ok, they need to stay their asses quarantined in their own homes.

Good Lord knows it’d be a hard time to grapple with a boycott of Whole Foods.

I dunno if I could do it.

However, if we had to protest one of  your favorite places or products because they got out of bounds,racist-eggs by you.

would you be able to?

mintmojito by you. 
strawberries by you.
Yes, I hope strawberries never become racist.
seinfeld by you.
Target-Logo-copy by you. 
aveeno by you.
apple-logo-black-xsan by you.
I damn sure am not a pc.


If Nutella went down into that abyss…I just might have to eat it behind everyone’s back. F*ckin blend of chocolate & hazelnut is too good.
Needless to say, I don’t stand a chance against many of these objects, Whole Foods included.
What would you let slide?
*Ms. Officer

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