Jay-Z’s OTHER Woman

Some things just make a dynamic duo:

Banana and Nutella Sandwich  by you. 
Ceephus & Reesie by you.
stewie & grown rupert by you. 
Chinese cleaners by you.
Yet still this is an unlikely twosome….though admittedly not as awkward as….
mariah-carey-nick-cannon-halloween1 by you.
Jay-Z has a date with
Jay by you.
draft_lens5253792module66088911photo_1257019065betty-white-old-people-dont-fuck-with-them by you.
The May 8th episode of Saturday Night Live will introduce these two on the same stage, as Mr. Carter performs for the 3rd time & Betty White hosts for the 1st.
If I had Tivo, I would ready it.
bettywhitememer-600x450 by you. //
How is it possible that this woman is 88 and had never once before been on SNL?
What more did she need to acquire for her resume?
eltonbettypb4-large by you.
 We might see more of this.
*Ms. Officer

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