Getting Popped Off

 I went to work.

And as long as we’ve worked for 2 of the same companies, I finally ran into and formally met:

DJ Prostyle by you.
On our elevator ride, he alerted me that his birthday party is approaching.  Utlizing any attemps possible to tell anyone with a pulse about my blog,
elevator by you.
I commandeered the 4×5 space to tell him about it. Prostyle might as well have told me he was having a “Day-Day’s coming home from jail party” with this line up, because it’s going to be insane.
-1 by you.
and although not placed on the flyer, Prostyle proceeded to tell me that he dug up this guy:
Daddy Yankee John McCain by you.
(In case you’re wondering, I’m referring to Daddy Yankee, not the yellow raisin on the left.)

Swearing up & down that I am a delicate mix of Puerto Rican, Cuban, & Dominican, I am seceretly excited at Daddy Yankee y Zion y Lennox’s performances. Laaa Tierra De Boriquen, Donde nacido Yo.
Something tells me this is gonna be a movie.
Dj+Prostyle by you.
Not like:
But like:
It’s gonna be crazy. Looking forward to it. Happy Birfday Prostyle!
party-hat by you.
Guess who’s doing red carpet?
SO by you.//
*Ms. Officer


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