Where The Hell Did Time Go Wednesdays

It was just yesterday I looked like this:

Now but a distant foggy memory in my mind, only evidenced by this picture are the days when I was but a carefree child.

So, in efforts to capitalize on the teenage angst building in each adult by mid-week because your too close to Monday, still reeling from some stupid sh*t your co-worker said, but close enough to Friday that you can see the the light at the end of the tunnel, I present to you:

“Where The Hell Did Time Go” Wednesdays

It seemed like an appropriate name for this series of posts, considering it:

A. Is a legit question

B. Let’s you know I’m referring to older music without giving it some trite “Throwback” prefix

C. Let’s you know I’m referring to the wonderful feeling you get when you hear the actual year in these songs, without sounding like a David-Cheese-Sunflower-Seed-eating 17 year-old putting the music or the artist down by saying “that’s old sh*t”.

D. Provides a safe place for you to come and reminisce. You are welcome here. So are your friends. And their friends. You get the point.

Hope you appreciate the alliteration. (No pun intended.)

With that said, let’s revel in nostalgia!

Ok, ok. So I wasn’t little  per-say, when this came out, yet still a child. Foxy has longstanding held the position of one of my favorite rappers. Her style, her flow. Who didn’t know “her part” on that Jay-Z song?

Barbeques, Reggae bashments, Trying to by alcohol for my father & getting rejected by the corner store because they already knew me but he was to lazy to go in by himself….ah, those were those summer days.

And even though time travel outside of the DeLorean is virtually impossible, doesn’t this make it feel so much more tangible?

What does Foxy Brown’s Oh Yeah mean to you?


*Ms. Officer

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