Laura Bush Killed A Guy

Today, the former 1st Lady, Laura Bush, finally made a public admission that many have known for quite some time:

images by you.

She killed someone. A young man by the name of Mike Douglas in 1963.

The accident was horrific, and Laura finally opens up about it in her new memoir, Spoken From The Heart.

That is, unless, you had not already heard about it from the place America gets most of their news from…

Family Guy.

And as terrible as that was, I did not find that to be the worst part of what she revealed.

She touched on why her husband didn’t rush down to New Orleans the minute he heard Katrina hit.


George W. only flew over New Orleans after Katrina, she says, because “he did not want one single life to be lost because someone was catering to the logistical requirements” of a visiting president.

You mean to tell me that

george-w-bush-quotes by you.

Didn’t want to interrupt this

hurricane-katrina by you.

hurricane-katrina-victims by you.

With this??

mccain-cake by you.

Busy romancing just-a-then-AZ senator John “Rodeo” McCain. They were enjoying some cake on an airport runway on the kind-of Maverick’s Birthday. Airport runways are the #1 place to eat cake by 100 people surveyed.

How can he possibly be so inconsiderate?

I keep hoping to read that line over & over again & the excuse not be so outlandishly ridiculous, but it isn’t.

Do you think that if this was a Black or newly banned Brown Laura Bush story, it would’ve been different?



*Ms. Officer


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