Top 10 Athletes Turned-Rappers-Turned-Athletes-Again

Sometimes the worlds of Hip Hop & sports intersect.

In this instance, it was cool. Reminisce on what the high-top fade was all about.

Yet sometimes the lines get horribly crossed.

In honor of tonight’s highly anticipated sporting events:  Boston Celtics vs. Clevland Cavs & , Sugar Shane Mosley vs. Floyd Money Mayweather, I’ve decided to take us to a simpler time-

The top 10 athletes-turned-rappers-then-turned-back-to -sports-becuase-they-realized-they-were-only-good-at-sports songs

Like any art form, its a blessing when you realize you are equipped with a talent that could potentially take your arena to the next level.

It’s a shame when you quit it for something you suck at.


10. Brian McKnight Feat. Kobe- Hold Me

“Your love, it is like a sword. It is now slicing. Gently. Through this body here before you. When you leave, I start to weep”.

That’s a big ass hoop earring in B. McKnight’s ear, ain’t it?

9. Shaq & T.W.Is.M.- You Can’t Stop The Reign

Good Grief. Only in ’95 would Shaq in a westuit fly uncensored.

Where does the conversation go after you say, “I used to be signed to T.W.Is.M.”?

8. Shaq Feat. Def Jef- I Know I Got Skillz

“They call me XT”

“What’s that Shaq, man?”

“Xtra Tall-em”

…this could easily turn into an all-O’Neal countdown.

8. Deion Sanders- Must Be The Money

First he made this song. Then, he bodyrolled in the video. Repeatedly.

7. Allen Iverson- 40 Bars

“This type-a-murder don’t need no hook. Just 40 f*ckin bars from the mouf of a crook”

David Stern didn’t stop the album because it was offensive, he stopped it because it was dismal.

6. Ron Artest- Fever

This has unquestionably has made heavy rounds on BET Uncut.

5. Tony Parker- Balance Toi

French Rap? No Thank You.

If it sucks in French, chances are, it sucks in English.

4. John Cena- My Time Is Now

I’m thinking exactly what you’re thinking.

3. Kobe Bryant Feat. Tyra Banks- K.O.B.E.

What a f*ckin disaster

2. Randy Savage- Be A Man

Obviously not an official video, but I would certainly be remiss if I didn’t include this monstrosity in some way shape or form

1. Roy Jones Jr.- Ya’ll Musta Forgot

I love Roy Jones Jr. as much as the next person. He is really one of my favorite fighters.

But sh*t if he ain’t wearing his age sounding like:


You don’t see Ice Cube playing basketball.

You don’t see Manu Ginobli trying to learn English get signed to Def Jam.

The point here is not discouraging one being multifaceted.

It’s discouraging bad music.

Anywho, just to show my support:

Team Mayweather

Go Gang Green!


*Ms. Officer


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